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E&J Concrete creates and designs concrete edging and and decorative concrete landscape borders for our customers. When we install concrete lawn edging, we use only the highest-quality concrete edging materials and products. The team at E&J Concrete are professionals at installing garden edging, flower bed edging, concrete edging, driveway edging, decorative curbing, decorative landscape borders and other landscaping ideas that can turn an average lawn or landscape into a visual delight. 

Creating Beautiful Landscape Borders

The team at E&J Concrete can give you great concrete landscape edging ideas for your front yard or back yard. We make a promise to every customer to deliver the best service possible. Most of our landscape borders can be installed in a single day, however if the borders are part of a larger concrete project we are doing for you, the time will be included in the project.

Concrete Lawn Edging

Adding color and texture to your concrete landscape edging is an easy way to accent your home, buildings or any other landscape décor.  Select from a multitude of colors, patterns and designs which will compliment the color scheme of your landscaping design in Wichita.  Concrete landscaping borders are great for landscape edging around trees, bedding areas, ponds, rock gardens and rock or mulch paths.  We also offer a 24” wide concrete garden path – it is produced and installed using the same quality-proven method as our concrete landscape curbing.  Curb lights installed in the landscape edging give your landscaping a warm glow in the evening and at night in Wichita while providing extra security and safety.

Landscape Borders in Wichita

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Landscape edging around your garden or flower bed with concrete

Garden Edging and Flower Bed Edging When you need garden edging or flower bed edging for your landscape design, our landscape edging services are something you will want to talk to us about. When you use concrete edging in your landscaping plan, you are adding long term value to your home or business. We have completed many garden edging and flower bed edging projects in and around the Wichita area. Concrete Landscape Edging Ideas We can install landscape edging around your trees, gardens, and flowerbeds. When you use wood borders, they have the potential to degrade and splinter. Plastic landscape borders will snap, break, and deteriorate. Single pieces of concrete will sink, shift, or break, allowing grass and weeds to break through and making more work for you. Our concrete decorative borders and concrete garden edging will be installed so that no grass, mulch, or weeds will cause you any trouble. Concrete landscaping borders serves as grass and weed barriers by protecting your trees, flowerbeds, and plants. Flower bed edging and garden edging are an attractive solution for any lawn or landscaping project.  Decorative curbing is becoming increasingly popular. A recent survey found that one out of three new homeowners is interested in a landscape edging project for their home or business.  Contact E&J Concrete today to discuss your landscape edging ideas with us at 316-207-7466 or fill out our contact form.


Landscape Borders in Wichita

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