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Land Grading for your Home or Business

Land grading can dramatically help the drainage around your home or business. If water does not flow away from a structure, serious damage can result to the foundation. Poor drainage in the lawn and planting areas will prevent intended vegetation from thriving. If you have areas in your yard that frequently floods and doesn’t drain properly, we can help.

Land grading can help if you:

  • Have water that doesn’t drain away from homes or other structures
  • Have standing water on paved walks and driveways immediately after a rain
  • Have standing water or soggy, wet areas on your lawn
  • Have any puddles or standing water in your planting beds or other vegetative surfaces 
  • Lawn exceeds a 25% slope. You might want to do some land grading so you can safely operating a mower
  • Need large areas of dirt that needs to be moved or areas that you want to become open spaces


Land grading can enhance your property by:

  • Giving you more level surfaces which can increase the potential for play and other outdoor activities
  • Screening off undesirable on-property or off-property views. This can be done by building a berm and installing landscaping material or plants and shrubs
  • Give you more usable space by clearing a natural area
  • Eliminate any drainage problems in and around your home or business


As a result of our dedication to service and customer satisfaction, we enjoy long lasting relationships with many of our customers. We have the technical expertise, skill, equipment and management ability to serve your dirt work requirements.

In all facets of site development, including tree work and lot clearing, and asphalt or concrete paving. We have the expertise to add all aspects of concrete restoration and beautification for that finishing touch.

We also have an excellent relationship with a landscaping contractor if we need to plant any trees, shrubs or flowers.

E & J Concrete and Dirt Work can move dirt at all scales, from a shovel to earth movers. 

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Garden Edging | Landscape Edging

Landscape edging around your garden or flower bed with concrete

Garden Edging and Flower Bed Edging When you need garden edging or flower bed edging for your landscape design, our landscape edging services are something you will want to talk to us about. When you use concrete edging in your landscaping plan, you are adding long term value to your home or business. We have completed many garden edging and flower bed edging projects in and around the Wichita area. Concrete Landscape Edging Ideas We can install landscape edging around your trees, gardens, and flowerbeds. When you use wood borders, they have the potential to degrade and splinter. Plastic landscape borders will snap, break, and deteriorate. Single pieces of concrete will sink, shift, or break, allowing grass and weeds to break through and making more work for you. Our concrete decorative borders and concrete garden edging will be installed so that no grass, mulch, or weeds will cause you any trouble. Concrete landscaping borders serves as grass and weed barriers by protecting your trees, flowerbeds, and plants. Flower bed edging and garden edging are an attractive solution for any lawn or landscaping project.  Decorative curbing is becoming increasingly popular. A recent survey found that one out of three new homeowners is interested in a landscape edging project for their home or business.  Contact E&J Concrete today to discuss your landscape edging ideas with us at 316-207-7466 or fill out our contact form.

Landscape Edging | Landscaping Services

Concrete Sidewalks & Driveways | Before and After

Repair Cracked Concrete Sidewalks or Driveways Cracked or uneven concrete sidewalks and concrete driveways not only look bad, but they can lead to a fall or serious injury. The team at E&J Concrete and Dirt Work can give you a brand new concrete sidewalk or driveway that will last for years. Concrete Sidewalks, walkways and driveways are exposed to a lot of wear and tear. As a result, the concrete can crack or sink. Sunken concrete worsens each season. The lower concrete slab collects water, that results in soil erosion. The soil erosion can occur between and underneath the concrete slabs. The freeze and thaw of one winter-summer cycle is enough to move and crack entire concrete sidewalk slabs. Concrete Sidewalks and Driveways When creating your new concrete sidewalk or driveway, you can choose between different colors, overlays, patterned and broom finishes. You can even select stamped outlays. Concrete driveways are exceptionally durable as well. The mission of E&J Concrete is to help you understand all of the options for your home with a concrete sidewalk or driveway. You have endless options when it comes to how concrete can be used to create your own customized designed. See some of our concrete sidewalk and driveway transformations below! When you are ready to install or repair your sidewalks or driveway, be sure to give E&J Concrete and Dirt Work a call for your free estimate!


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